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Daily Flash Fiction 9/28/21 W/C 300

Wrong Planet

George and John huddled around a work bench, tools strewn over the top. George searched for a screw while John dug in a pile of washers.

They’d been working on this top secret project for months. No one else had entered the work area in that time. Suddenly in burst Tim.

John raised his head.

“You aren’t allowed in here!” yelled George.

“There’s big news. You two have to get out, now!”

“Baloney. You have to get out, now!” George grabbed Tim’s arm, pushed him to the door.

“This project’s no longer needed. You need to stop.” Tim was insistent.

“Out you go.”

Tim got pushed out, the door secured. George returned to his chore.

“What was that all about?” John asked.

“Crazy, who knows. We’re almost done. Find that piece so we can finish this.”

A few more moments and the project sat finished on the bench. They surveyed their work.


“Just like we planned.”

George pushed start. John stepped back.

The death star laser zapped them both.

The two traveled through time and space to the planet Magnum, just as planned. Once there, the inhabitants shepherded them to the headquarters of The Lord of All.

“State your business, lowly worms from that worthless world.” The Lord of All spoke to the two travelers.

“Oh great Lord, we come to seek asylum from our planet. It holds no attraction for us.” George bowed in acquiescence to The Lord. George nudged John, who reluctantly took a bow also.

All beings focused on The Lord’s reaction. The Lord stretched out its third appendage toward George and John. “Sorry, wrong planet.”

Instantly George and John were back in their work area.

“What was that all about?” John questioned.

“Wrong planet, it said.”

“But we need to go back, get my feet.”

W/C 300
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