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Self explanatory
Rock bottom is a myth,
that we all believe in.
Spiraling towards the bottom,
through darkness and sin.

Few seem to realize,
that the bottom is a lie.
Once you think you’ve hit it,
the bottom turns into sky.

So then you repeat,
while up is now down.
The light becomes dimmer,
and darkness draws the sound.

Another crumble and break,
and you reevaluate.
Rock bottom goes deeper,
as does pain and heartbreak.

So many levels,
till you finally realize.
The bottom’s a lie,
and hope’s a disguise.

There is a final bottom,
that’s too deep to climb.
If you finally reach it,
then you’ve run out of time.

Death is rock bottom,
and he’s thirsty for souls.
So stop digging your grave,
and grab for hand holds.

Stop kidding yourself,
that you’ve done your worst.
Cause he’s always waiting,
and he’s dying of thirst.
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