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I hadn’t written in a while, and then a gift made an impact so I had to write again…

She sat at her window looking at the changing of seasons, watching the trees letting go of their leaves, the leaves that flourished with purpose for several months, just floating and falling away with the wind. She’s now learnt that complete surrender is an essential part of the step into the next season. She’s learnt that though the leaves may fall, wither and die, and though the next season may bring nothing but coldness and darkness, there is renewing and restoring happening hidden beneath the stillness of the surface. So she chooses to trust the process, better yet trust the One who faithfully and gently leads her through it all, the One who makes all things work together for good and everything beautiful in its time.

Dares to dream while patiently yet
Actively awaiting her divine destiny. She determines to stay
Unencumbered by the obstacles along the way. Her heart overflows with
Gratitude for God’s presence, peace and provision in her life. She holds fast to
Hope even in the dark valley experiences and
Trusts wholly in His promises. She strives to embrace
Empathy in engaging with others ever so ready to
Reveal Jesus in everything she does but more than that in who she ultimately is.

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