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we are creating new addiction

99% of us can't leave their smartphone, we hold them every day for different reasons like we hold hope between hands. (1% for the elderly and I'm not really sure about it)
A study said that 80% of smartphone users check their mobile devices within 15 min waking up every morning and that creates a feeling of stress and anxiety, that will cause you only health issues.
But always there's positive side in every story right?
Smartphone really solved our problems by give us new psychological problems, we're litterly getting addicted /smartphone addiction or what I call it phonecoholic. that's the positive side I guess
If the technology is getting smarter, it means humans are getting dumber /smartphone, stupid man.
Humans are the smartest creator, but invent things that make your brain system run out of control will no longer make you a smart creator.
PS. I'm not perfect I use my phone as much as you do.

Manem Hiba

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