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A professional law firm has a day of tom foolery.
Grandma Fell In The Mud

By Shadowgate
Megan Bane was driving her daughter to work. It was take your daughter to work day and on the way to work her daughter 10 year old Roberta said "mom last night I had a funny dream."

Megan was a lawyer and always super serious. However she decided to ask her daughter "what was your silly dream about?"

"I had a dream that grandma fell in the mud."

Megan responded "well that is a silly dream. Oh but remember no silliness in the law firm."
Roberta's grandmother Edna Bane was head of the Bane Law Firm. The Bane Law Firm was known as a hard hitting law firm. Edna Bane opened it 20 years ago.

They arrived at the law firm where Megan and her mother Edna met in the parking lot. Roberta would meet for the first time Martin Grammar along with his daughter Emily who was eleven.

They entered their law firm. Roberta got an orange soda from a vending machine much to her mother's displeasure.

When they got into the firm Martin and Megan met up with their first client of the day Patricia Booth.
When he realized that he was missing a file with information he called up nephew at home.

His nephew Todd Grammar was staying with him and he called him up on his cell phone.

Todd said "hello."

Martin said "Todd it's Martin and I need you to look at a file on the kitchen table."

Todd said he would do so. Martin wanted him to read the first three sentences.

Todd read sentence one "we will file a motion stating your sister Connie Booth did not care for your parents."

Martin repeated it into his tape recorder.

Todd read the second sentence "we will appeal if the judge rules against us but state law is in her favor."

Martin repeated it into his tape recorder.

Todd read the third sentence "our plan is to stand against your sister and I have poopy pants."

Immediately Roberta spit out her orange soda and dropped the can on the floor. Emily fell on the floor laughing.

Martin yelled "Goddamn it Todd!"

Megan yelled "Shit Roberta I warned you about bringing a can of soda in here!"

The client Patricia Booth was in shock over what happened. Roberta tried to catch her breath and was laughing so hard she pulled a stomach muscle.

Edna Bane entered Martin's private office and asked what was going on. Martin explained that his nephew Todd was reading statements to him off a legal document and added an extra to be cute. Edna was disgusted.

The children had to cover their mouths while Martin explained the situation to Edna.

Eventually both girls started laughing out loud again.
Megan became irritated and told them both to go out in the hallway.

15 minutes later when Martin stepped out in the hallway his daughter Emily said "that man crapped his pants."

Both girls started laughing.

Martin started jumping up and down screaming "Goddamn it I don't have poopy pants” and threw papers everywhere.

Edna came out in the hallway and asked "what the hell is going on?"

Martin said "nothing Mrs. Bane."
When Edna went back into her law firm she tripped over a chair and flew out an open window. She screamed and landed in the mud.

Roberta and Emily ran inside the law firm and they saw Edna in the mud.

Roberta yelled "Mom my dream came true grandma actually fell in the mud."


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