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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Holiday · #2259361
Eek has an adventure.
Thinking Can Drive You Batty

Eek took flight from the depot and began his route. It was a moonless night that moistened his wings and tongue when he stuck it out.
“Not very fruity, but thirst wins over preference I guess!”
As he travelled, he dropped items at doors and through letter slots depending on who they were addressed to. He was only half-finished, when the wind picked up to near gale force.
What were you thinking? You heard the weather report and you still went out,” he gasped as he was forced off course repeatedly. Bringing himself back each time, took more and more of his strength.
Soon Eek was exhausted and flying on empty. Disoriented, he went into a death spiral. Just when he thought he was a goner, he hit something twiggy and stuck there.

Floating along gently, Eek fell asleep. He was riding a broom in his dreams. When he felt himself falling, the mail bat reached out his claws to catch himself on a sturdy beam, all while still asleep.
He was awakened by a cacophony of clanging and ringing. Bleary eyed, Eek realized he’d ended up in a belfry somewhere. His postal bag was hanging on a convenient nail near his perch.
Satisfied the Shriek Mail Service couldn’t fire him, just dock his fruit ration for being late with the rest of the mail, Eek drowsed.

“Don’t think anymore, you’re batty enough,” he mumbled as he fell into a deep sleep once more.
It helped that he stuffed his ears with junk mail so he couldn’t hear those infernal bells! When twilight arrived, Eek took off to finish his route. Flapping home, he made note of the location of that belfry.
“Rest stops are handy, and that’s one of the better ones,” he yawned.

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