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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2259362
The destiny of a young girl unfurls.
The blazing sun beat fiercely on Marnie’s wrinkled brow, upturned as she squinted directly into its harsh light.

The faint wisps of curved clouds caressed the path of what had come before.

The beast has flown overhead; I must be getting closer.” Marnie analysed, a pebble-like weight sunk from her throat into the pit of her aching belly. Food had been long since forgotten on this mission.

Her faded cloth breeches, which were once upon a time green, clung to her frame with sweat, filth, and blood from the thickets she had traversed. She pulled her rebellious blonde mop into a rough ponytail, pinning it back with her father’s clan pin. She could see his kind face still fighting the tears, as he lay mortally wounded.

Have faith, my little lark. Da loves you. Take this blessing of Clan Morai and vanquish this beast from our lands. Your destiny lies ahead.” The pin fell from his grasp.

Gulgan took all his remaining strength to pull Marnie, sobbing into her aprons, into his chest for a final embrace.

Marnie cursed herself as salty, dirty tears rolled down her cheeks. She could feel her Da with her. She missed him greatly. But she could not afford to lose more water. The supply was low and would barely last the day.

Marnie fought on through the arid plains, the dust swarming around her. Suddenly a throaty echo erupted across the plains. Her heart thumped with anticipation. The hairs on the back of her neck prickled to attention. The presence was suffocating. She turned to see the scaled creature, snarling.

Oh, Marnie! What were you thinking?” Her mind screamed

Hands found sword, which found throat. Hot blood poured.

A thundering crash.

It’s finished.

Exhaustion, relief, she fell to her knees. Now she could cry.
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