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by Elliot
Rated: E · Prose · Emotional · #2259465
My boyfriend told me he thought he was unlovable-- these were my immediate thoughts
you say to me,
"i am unlovable"

and to that, i say,
"maybe to everyone else"

"to everyone else, you think you are unlovable,
but know that to me
you are the sun, moon, stars,
and all else in the galaxy that people have studied in awe for centuries—
Copernicus and Ptolemy and Gallileo
don't have shit on my beautiful discoveries
in the subject of my lover"

"discoveries such as
a new heartfelt appreciation for the color purple,
a rating scale for burps,
how it feels to have someone kiss my stomach,
a new amazing author to pour my time into,
new activities and motivations to help through my day,
how it feels to not constantly be in fear,
and the comfort that comes about when you finally find someone who's as much of a nerd as you are"

"i've never felt such happiness
as i have when i'm with you,
mr. oh-so-unlovable,
so do not compare yourself to rot when
to me you are a large vanilla bean sundae
with cheesecake bites
and a mix of hot fudge and caramel
and just the right amount of shredded coconut
and rainbow sprinkles
and extra whipped cream
and half a jar of maraschino cherries on top"

"whenever you feel unlovable,
down, depressed, disgusting,
just remember this:
others may harbor negativity for you,
but you are all my favorite things and sensations
—carefully curated and put together
special for me—
packed into one 5'9" human shaped box
tied loosely with a ribbon
and accented with tens of shiny, glossy bows,

and i know you see me the same way too"
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