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by Kizzie
Rated: GC · Poetry · Dark · #2259529
Domestic violence, Rape and abuse.
In the dark of night he comes home,
stinking of ale and wont leave me alone.

Smell the whiskey on his breath,
his cold hands feel like death.

Smack in the face,
No warm embrace.

Eye starts to swell mouth filled with blood
I try to escape I'd get away if I could.

He's too strong he holds me down,
So I play the happy clown.

He starts to tear my clothes,
I'm terrified I just froze.

Torn and bloody lay on the floor,
My eyes are searching for the door.

Kick to the ribs hurts like hell,
Totally alone no one to tell.

He rips my knickers I feel the draft,
I was crying and pleading he just laughed

He comes over to climb on top of me,
pulls my top over my face so I cant see.

He forces himself inside me his breath on my skin,
As I struggle to get free from him.

Tears and blood soak the floor,
Please stop cant take no more.

Now that he is done throws a towel at me,
Clean your self up woman its a mess to see.

Crawls to the sofa for a sleep,
Cut and bruised the pain is deep.

There he lays snoring away,
I'm sat on the floor in the cold light of day

Now its morning and he comes too,
I'm so sorry baby I still love you.

So it goes for a while,
wakes in complete denial.

Then comes the rope he hangs him self from,
I'm a mess and need the strength to carry on.

I cried when he was gone tears of joy,
That's not love I was just his toy.

The memories stay with me through the years,
Every time I think of him I fill with tears.
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