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A poipole inflation article
Poipole was just flying. Enjoying the sun and seeing all of alolas amazing sights but then he saw a weird object on the ground. He went to investigate. it was some kind of weird lever thingy with a hose. attached to it he thought it was somthing to do with food and put the hose in his mouth and turned it on. but what he didn’t know it’s not a food dispenser...it was a air pump! He started to feel full and looked down and saw that his belly was starting to stretch and expand. he freaked out cuz he thought what would happen if he blew up. too much and you probably know what it is. He tried to take the hose outta his mouth but it was too late. his arms and legs puffed up too and now he can’t move. he started to blush cuz of how embarrassing and helpless he is he needed help fast before he explodes into confetti. But now one was there he felt his tummy fill up with air and he continued to swell and inflate. his body creaks louder the bigger her gets. He feels really full right now it started to hurt and he knew his limit was starting to get close. He’s hoping that the pump runs outta air or otherwise BOOM! But it showed no signs of stoping he starts to stretch a little slower cuz the pressure was starting to build up too much. He feels like ahe’s about to burst closing his eyes preparing for what’s to come. But he heard the pump start to stop and he was able to get the hose out he gasps for air and was glad he was okay...well... ALMOST ok he just needs to figure out how to get back to normal but in the meantime he actually thinks being a balloon isn’t so bad he thinks it’s actually quite nice it’s like his belly is a bed now but he needs to let the air settle in him before he can rest but for now he can wnjoy being a huge round purple and adorable balloon

Alt ending 1: popping: poipole continued to grow and swell he felt the pressure build and build. at this point stopping what’s gonna happen is impossible. He. His body is about to tear open at any second he stretched and stretched. and then finally...KABLAM! He explodes into many pieces! They all scatter around like snow and now there’s a big hole where his belly is. Don’t worry he’ll be ok he just needs some help with patches until his belly heals and hes back to normal.

Alt ending 2: uncontrolled deflation: poipole felt the pain and pressure rise the fuller he gets. he his face is very red and is sweating a lot cuz he never had to get so stuffed before he expands and he felt himself hit his limit but he felt the hose start to loosen and then eventually release from his mouth. but he felt something rushing up his throat. The air was trying to escape! He tried to hold it in as long as he can cuz he’ll he knows what’s gonna happen if he lets the air escape really fast. Luckily poipoles don’t need to worry about breathing so he can hold it in for as long as he wants...well unfortunately the more it stays in him the more pressure builds in him and it got so strong he had to release. And then when he did he started flying everywhere! UP! DOWN! LEFT AND RIGHT! Every direction!!! And then he runs out of air and falls to the ground he managed to not pass out though. But when he got up to be glad it was over and scratched somewhere that itches on his belly. He relized..he’s still inflated! Well at least only a little and still quite big. But he can still move. All he can do now is learn to get used to it but he knows sleeping is gonna be a lot more comfortable.
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