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brief paragraph drawing similarities between me and a land-locked fish
I am a fish stuck in a tidal-pool; I await the posterity of waves to come so I might be free to swim again. This has always been the case, anticipating the future, but it never comes as I would have liked. I remember I first came here looking for food, but found nothing as the waters pulled back into the sea, and I knew I was trapped. This is my life, as a stranded fish, just innocently getting myself into a place where I don’t want to be. When it comes to survival, I’ve got that mastered, just hunker down and wait, because although I didn’t find any food on the bottom of this tide pool, this won’t be permanent, just a short lived interlude, at least I am not flopping on the beach with no hope at all. I need to remember that it seems that I am destined to survive in my resiliency. Just next time I won’t come so far in shore, although I know that there is usually more food near the land, but I can’t afford to waste any more time, I’ve got things to do as a fish that no one would understand. A mystery; an enigma, a blessed life.
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