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A mother takes her son to a Chinese restaurant.
Politically Correct Behavior in the Restaurant

By Shadowgate

36 year old Monica Billard pulled up in the parking lot of the Lin Dom Restaurant.

She along with her eight year old son Andrew got out of the car and Monica said "Andrew I want you to watch what you say and do in the restaurant."

Andrew replied "I always watch what I say when we go out to a restaurant it's the adults who never watch what they say."

Monica exhaled and walked in.

When they entered the restaurant they come across Derrek Billard and Andrew said "dad!"

Derrek said "oh what a surprise meeting you two here."

Monica said "the day has been full of surprises."

Derrek replied "sorry to hear that I know you hate surprises."

Monica snapped "meeting my ex-husband at a restaurant is the one surprise I hate over all."

Derrek got mad and snapped back "I have just as much of a right to be in here as anyone else. Don't tell me what to do."

Andrew chimed in "I thought men and women were supposed to be equal so neither of you should tell each other what to do."

Monica told Andrew "nobody is telling anyone what to do" and then they sat down they ordered.

15 minutes after they ordered their food an angry man stood up and yelled "you motherfucking chinks always fuck up my order!"

The waitress became angry and threw the chow on him.

He started screaming and two police officers who were sitting in the restaurant arrested him for disorderly conduct.

As Monica and Andrew walked to the car after dinner Andrew said "that son of a bitch in there sure wasn't politically correct."

Monica snapped "Andrew watch your mouth!"


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