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Retribution from beyond the grave.
Silently I summoned you,
stretched to reach beyond my grave.
Brought you here to do my will,
loud to sorrow weep and grieve.

Hot, your tears, splash my tombstone.
Raw your eyes and thick your throat
hoarse with sobs, lament your fate .
sweet to my dead ears. I gloat.

Bright moonlight stretches shadows
chill, as my poor body lies.
Death, by your lies summoned me,
Your turn now, whom I despise.

Loud your heart in terror beats
as now your fate, unfolds clear.
Journeyed long, to this moment,
never now to leave I fear.

I have sought retribution,
sad remorse will move me not.
Die my dear. Come and join me.
Endless torment be your lot.

Line count: 20.

Written for the Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest October 2021, Week 1, Prompt 1.

Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest  (13+)
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