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Lemna-insomnia suffering witch is at odds with a 400 year old Warlock friend? fiend? hmm
No One Sleeps with a Bored Warlock Around..

Suddenly awake in the night from an intensely visual and emotional dream she sits up and shudders. Annoyed, she looks around for the culprit, expecting Ischan to be standing close by with his long hair and perverse humor remarks. No. Lemna groans, wanting to sleep and unable to do so because of the old warlock. Furious she stands up and goes to his rooms to find him.

There at the end of his black footed hall is his bedroom and he is smiling at her.

“Stop screwing with my dreams Ischan!” she shouts at him. “I can barely sleep as it is and your sick twisted games do not help.”

“Oh good it worked.” He happily cheers. “I wasn’t sure it would with you.”

“I’m telling you to stop or I’m going to wait for you to sleep and suffocate you with a pillow!” she yells at him.

“But I wanted to wake you up.” He tells her.

“Then get up out of your bed and come wake me up with a light shake on my arm.” She snaps. “Don’t fill my head with…”

“Well I did consider a nightmare to wake you up but I thought that would be too cruel. I didn’t want to terrify you.” Ischan smiles. “So I gave you a nice dream.”

Clenching her teeth, Lemna tries to wash the images of his mind from her own. “That is not a nice dream. A nice dream is kittens or flying kites. That was…”

“Tit, tat, it was my idea of a nice dream. Didn’t you like it?” he feigns innocence knowing better.

It does no good to argue with him, she wasn’t sure why she even tried anymore. “What is it you wanted, please? I want to go back to sleep.”

With a childish pout he looks at her and sighs. “I’m bored. I wanted you to come share my bed.”

Lemna couldn’t stop herself. “You think that is a proper invitation?”

“Of course. I asked.” He shrugs. “I could have just brought you here by spell but I decided to try it your way instead.”

“That is the rudest…” the rage she struggles to keep in check her boiling rage and she groans rather than finish the sentence. Smiling at her, Ischan rolled onto his back looking at her upside down.

“Rude? But I asked nice.”

“Telling me you are bored as an excuse to proposition me is rude and thoughtless.” She snarls. “Good night Ischan!”

“Well it would have been if you weren’t so cranky.” He replies.

Stomping down the hallway muttering she found her way back to her own blankets and paused. In the blankets was a body and it was her own body. In confusion she starts to reach out and touch this other illusion and then she startled awake in her own blankets staring at the ceiling. Turning her head she half expected to find herself staring at herself. Instead it was just the air filled with the snores of her companions. Kicking off the blankets she took the walk back to Ischan’s room.

“Well that time was faster!” he was still on his back leering at her.

She groaned at him. “Ischan I am tired. Isn’t there something else you’d rather do than torment me?”

Sighing he flipped over. “Not really.”

“Ugh! I hate you!” she stomps off as Ischan yells about her cruel remarks. Again she reaches her own bedroll and again she faces herself only to spring awake from the dream she was having. Acobi and Wren seem so peaceful in their rest she wants to scream.

Returning to Ischan he is smiling at her as he smoothes his blankets. “I can do this all night.”

“All because you are bored.” Acobi is right on the warlock having more than a fair share of lunacy.

“Well actually, just now I was going to stop it but I had a thought about your question.” He grins and pats the blankets next to him.

“I didn’t ask a question.” She yawns taking a chair instead.

“Yes you did.” He frowned. “You asked if there’s something else I’d rather do than torment you.”

“I’m not having sex with you.” She replies quickly.

“Oh..” Ischan frowns deeper then his eyes open wide. “Oh! You thought my invitation to share my bed was…”

“That is the first inclination yes. It would be more than first with you if it were possible to have something more firstly than the first.” She replies dourly.

A lewd smile crosses his lips and he shrugs. “Well yes I see the point of your previous anger now. But that wasn’t what I meant. My only first concern was for you. You’ve been struggling with sleep and I thought a change of the sleeping arrangement would help.”

“You expect me to sleep.” She looked at the spot next to Ischan with trepidation. “And only sleep beside you? And you think this will help me sleep better?”

“Of course.” He nods and settles a pillow beside him. “You would sleep better knowing you are protected and watched over.”

Biting her lip in thought she tries not to burst out laughing. “Protected and watched over by you?”

“Yes.” The reply was far too eager.

“And you will do nothing to impinge upon my honor?” she didn’t believe it, not for a second.

“I will touch you in no way ungentlemanly.” He insists.

“I doubt you understand the word.” She glares at him. “But as you will not let me out of your dream within a dream within a dream I have little choice.”

“See, you were right asking nicely is better.” Ischan smiles as she walked over and took the stretch of blanket beside him.

“I do not trust you. I don’t think I’ll be able to close both eyes the whole night.”

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