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A woman telling her story. I identified with it.
A Familiar Story

One night watching TV, I flipped to some talk show.
Telling a familiar story, was a woman I did not know.

Absorbed in every word she said, down to the last detail.
She explained how she finally got away, from a life of total hell.

She was doing alright until one day, this idiot came along.
Instantly this feeling inside, told her he was wrong.

For four long years, she went along with this awful lie.
To this day she can't explain, or find a reason why.

At first it wasn't all that bad, then she let him move in.
She knew she made a mistake, ignoring that feeling again.

He started the accusations, what was she trying to hide?
Looking back, that was his own guilt, he's the one who lied.

Anytime she left the house, he'd expect her to explain.
Each moment from the time she left, until she was home again.

Then, he insisted on going along, no matter where she went.
To anger and embarrass her, was clearly his intent.

In public her head was always down, never looked you in the eye.
Afraid of what you might see, or that she might begin to cry

Just like the books describe, each of the signs appeared.
When questioned, her answers were always good, so no one interfered.

She had lost interest in everything, all her friends were gone
She distanced herself from family, they’d know something was wrong.

So many wanted to help her, but their help she would deny.
Her misery turned to anger, as each day passed her by.

She’d have to come up with a plan, without giving him a clue.
This might be her only chance, she’d have to think it through.

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