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My dad being diagnosed with cancer
I Miss My Dad

My dad had been feeling ill for a while,
Coughing and just feeling bad.
I had just kicked pneumonia,
And thought maybe that’s what he had.

Let me take you to the hospital
Any time was good for me.
Early one morning he called,
Let’s go check it out and see.

After running and waiting for so many tests,
It's not what we thought they may find.
they said my dad had cancer.
His reaction still clear in my mind.

He just looked down and shook his head,
But he didn’t say a word.
All I could do was stare at him,
not believing what I just heard.

My eyes were filling with tears,
And running down my face.
I tried so hard not to lose it
silently praying to take his place.

As usual “God” ignored me,
I decided he must not care.
Either that or just like I thought,
“God” isn’t even out there.
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