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The OT is full of valuable information. I'm sharing what I've found to help clear the fog.

[Chapter 1] -- What is the Bible About?

The Bible tells us about God. The Bible is how many people learn about how the Earth and everything in it exists. A book about how God wants us to live and about a man, Abraham, that God calls his friend. It is about how that friendship led to a family, a people, a nation, receiving blessings and curses after securing a specific land that God wants Abraham and his family to have. In return, this family, people, nation, are chosen to serve God and to be his priests, ministers, teachers to share his plan of salvation. This book is for new people that have just found out about the Bible but find it confusing. It is also for those that have been in churches all their life and still do not understand how to read it and what it means. I hope to share with you a simple way to see the Bible come alive with clarity. Praise the (LORD) YHVH! (I'll briefly address the name, LORD and Lord in a later chapter.)

Genesis 1:1 opens with how God created everything, light, darkness, earth, water, sun, moon, stars, vegetation, animals, and humans.
God gave man dominion over all other creatures in the earth and waters along with showing man what to eat. God also sanctified the seventh day for rest as He rested after completing his creation.

There was a land called Eden and God placed the humans, Adam and Eve, in a garden which was east of the land of Eden to take care of it. In this garden were two trees that God deemed off limits. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil along with the other tree, the tree of Life.The penalty was death should his instruction be ignored.

We do not know how much time had passed while tending the garden, whether days, months, years, maybe even centuries before mankind was seduced into committing an act of rebellion against God and led by the crafty serpent. Eve was the initial target, then she coerced Adam to partake in the wrongful act. All three are punished by God for disobeying. Adam and Eve were punished because God had previously warned them about eating from the trees and the serpent because he tricked Eve into eating from the tree. After receiving the long term punishment, Adam and Eve were removed from the garden and into the "world".

Cain and Abel were the first children from Adam and Eve. Each had their daily duties; Cain tended the animals and Abel farmed the ground. Over the course of time, each wanted to give God an offering. Each provided and offering from his respective field with Cain bringing a meat offering and Abel bringing food from which he had grown. God was pleased with Abel's' offer but not Cains. There are a few theories about why one was chosen over the other and I lean towards the view that Abel picked only the best crops while Cain brought ordinary animals to offer. You can search for yourself the other ideas, but each is only a guess as a reason is not given in the Bible.

I wanted to highlight what God told Cain as I believe this answer is relevant for the best answer on how to live.

In Genesis 4:6-7, God tells Cain "And the LORD said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him." If you do good everything is ok. However, if you don't do good, sin is waiting for the chance to fill your life.

After Abel was killed, Cain was sent to the land of Nod. Adam and Eve had more children with Seth being born first after Cain and Abel. Seth is where our lineage begins during this era and comes to an abrupt end several centuries later with Noah and his family before a worldwide flood would restart life as we know it.

[Chapter 2] Why You Should Read the "Old Testemant"

What is your reason?

Some believe the "Old Testament" has nothing relevant for today and therefore not worthy of spending time there. I will provide explanations why the Old Testament is significant to LORD.

I implore you to take notes along the way. You will want to read carefully and note any questions you will have. Read the book completely and see if your questions are still valid. Many of your questions or concerns should be addressed by the time you reach the last page.

I believe this book will be well worth your time. You be the judge. If something was learned, please share it with others.

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