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by JCDon
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A story about how God created the earth and how everythin fell from grace and was redeem .

A long time ago, in infinity, God created a paradise and called it Earth. His glory was so great that it shone over the whole universe and caused everything to have light forever. The Earth was such a beautiful place that God enjoyed coming down and walking among his creation. He looked over the Earth and decided to create angels to be on the Earth to take care of it. He creates one angel to be lord over the Earth, and he names him Lucifer. He was in charge of all the angels on Earth, and Atlantis was where Lucifer had his thone, three rings around it to represent the Trinity. The angels on Earth begin to worship Lucifer as God and builded an altar for him. After a time, Lucifer became selfish and went to war with God. He wanted to take the Throne from the most-highest and be the ruler of all. Lucifer with, all of the angels on Earth, was cast down to Earth and mortal. The war caused the glory of God to cease shining and confined to his Throne; when this happens, darkness appears over the whole universe. To have a little light in the universe, God creates the sun, moon, and stars to give a little artificial light to the Earth. The war caused paradise to fall when Lucifer started to rebel against God. After a time, Lucifer and the fallen angels iost their bodies. When this happens, God made a man in his images to take care of the Earth. He could not recreate paradise because of the sin and death that Lucifer brought upon the Earth. So he creates a garden for man. This garden gave God a place for him to come down to Earth to enjoy his creation again. It was not long before Lucifer tempt man to sin, which caused the man to have to leave the garden. Man begins to live in sin, but God did have a plan to redeem man. A savior was born to save the world and recreate paradise, enabling God to be on Earth and enjoy his beautiful creation.

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