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Building the story

Day 11


Bricks R Us - the estate agents selling Geoff's house.
Messing and Goldberg - acting solicitors.
Farmer and Jones - the engineering firm that Geoff used to work for.
Park View Medical Centre - Geoff's GPs.
House of Fraser
Madame Mimi - Hote Couture
Freya's - High end fashion
Nature of the Lakes by Scott Reynolds

27 Connaught Villas is central to the plot.
A four bedroom semi detached Victorian villa on a corner plot overlooking the park. Geoff bought the house in 1988 for £200,000. Built in 1853, it has Georgian proportions and a driveway. It was offered for sale at £435,000.

Next door is the home of the Harbingdons, which has been extensively modernised. It too has a driveway but the rear garden is smaller because of a large extension. The auction guide price is £400,000 to £500, 000.

Day 12


Law and order is a principal theme throughout.
Family conflict features heavily.
The profits of crime and the sense of entitlement that comes with wealth are central to the plot.

Rebecca soon rules out Sheila as someone who would profit from Geoff's death. She then looks at the house. Who has viewed it? Are there offers on the table? Why would someone want that particular house?

Day 13

The finer points

I have based the house on one currently for sale local to me. The interior details I am basing on my grandparents' house which is just round the corner but a lot bigger.

I need to put in that Rebecca's parents died in an accident and she was left enough money to buy her current house outright.

Research has shown that sometimes early labour takes the form of backache so a lot of women don't realise until they enter second stage.

Add the names of a couple of high end boutiques and department stores to the list.

What alcohol would be in the Harbingdons house? What furniture? What appliances? Colours?
Ditto for Geoff's house to make comparison.

Day 14


Part One
Help me; I'm dead

Setting - Police station
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Tam.
Geoff explains his situation.

Settings - PS, GP, Factory
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Tam, Jane, GP receptionist, factory manager and receptionist
Rebecca tries to prove his ID. Jane goes to the factory, Tam to the GPs.
Rebecca sends Scottish police to speak to Sheila.

Setting - PS
DP - Rebecca, Brian, Geoff
Geoff has nowhere to go. Rebecca offers him a bed but Brian is not so keen.

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Brian
Rebecca brings up to Geoff that her parents are dead. Talk about his holiday and it comes out how he hurt his ankle.
Brian tells Rebecca that his mum's house is to be sold. Discussion about him moving in permanently.

Settings - PS, EA, House
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Tam, estate agent
Tam visits the estate agent and gets the keys, searches the house for clues. Notices things about neighbours.
Scottish police confirm that Sheila was notified by hospital that Geoff was dead. She then arranged for solicitor to handle everything. Wants nothing to do with it.

Setting - PS
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Tam.
Tam comes back with documents and photos, enough to convince Rebecca.
First mention of the Harbingdons. Youngish couple, tons of money from no obvious source.

Settings - PS, hospital
DP- Rebecca, Brian, Jane
Discover the hospital mistake.

Part Two
Someone's trying to kill me

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca and Geoff
Slates fall from the roof and narrowly miss Geoff.

Setting - local library
DP - Geoff
Someone tries to trap him in the stacks. Luckily, whoever it was hears someone coming and disappears through fire exit.

Other 'accidents'.

Setting - hospital
DP - Rebecca, Tam, Geoff, Brian
A runaway vehicle narrowly misses him. He does get minor injuries. Taken to hospital.
Brian gets message Rebecca is at hospital and thinks something has happened to her.

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Brian
He hides out/recovers at Rebecca's.
Rebecca goes into labour. Baby Geoff is born.

Part Three
The man who saw too much.

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, baby
Geoff talks about his neighbour.
Rebecca becomes suspicious.

Setting - Geoff's house
DP - Geoff, Brian, Tam
Geoff's place used for observation.
Got the builders in.(cover) Drilling, hammering etc to cover the installation of a listening device.
Talk of 'accidents' overheard.

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca, Brian
Argument about Rebecca going back to work, at least part time.

Setting - PS
DP - Rebecca, Brian, Jane, Julie (Tam is at Geoff's)
Prove Harbingdons behind accidents.

Setting - warehouses
DP - Geoff
Geoff lured to warehouse which then explodes.

Setting - warehouses
DP - Rebecca, Brian, fire brigade
Searching for remains

Part Four
Return from the grave

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, baby
Geoff turns up on Rebecca's doorstep, explains his escape.

Setting - PS
DP - Rebecca, Brian, Jane, Julie, Tam
Harbingdons charged

Part Five
Six months later

Setting - Geoff's house
DP - Rebecca, Brian, baby, Geoff
Social visit.
Harbingdons' House taken for reparation.
Geoff has the keys.

Setting - Harbingdons house
DP - Rebecca, Brian, Geoff, baby
Rebecca says its too modern
Geoff suggests they buy both as he wants to buy Rebecca's.

Day 15

Fred Harbingdon

50 (ish - who's gonna argue)
Black hair (bottled)
Hitler moustache (Don't dare comment)
Heavy set (His term)
Owns a number of businesses (All a bit dodgy)

Amy Harbingdon

28 (More like 32)
Blonde (Yeeee)
Busty (Give me the name of her surgeon)
Spoiled rotten by Fred
Shops incessantly
She wants the house and what she wants ...

Day 16

Antagonists' story

"Happy birthday, baby." Fred produces what appears to be a ring box. He hands it to Amy with a kiss.

She opens the box. "What's this?" She pulls out a key. The look on her face is a cross between anger and disappointment.

"Our new house, baby."

Her face brightens a little. She weighs the key in her hand. "Can we go see it? Now?"

"I just got a bit of business to sort out first, then we'll go." He backs through a set of double doors and closes them behind him.

Amy pretends not to hear the shouted threats, the sounds of violence. What she doesn't know she can't testify to. She runs upstairs to change her outfit. This called for Chanel.

The house was a Victorian villa, overlooking a park. "It's so old," Amy whined.

"Don't be like that, baby. Wait 'til you see inside." Fred unlocked the door. The hallway was wide, with a sweeping staircase in the Georgian style. The doors were large, heavy and elaborately framed. "See how big the lounge is, and those ceilings."

"It's an old lady house. I don't like it. You can keep it." She flounced past Fred and headed for the door.

Fred grabbed her arm. "I just spent 300 grand on you, and this is the thanks I get."

Amy knew better than to argue. "I suppose, with a bit of work ..."

"Let's look upstairs, baby." He moved his hand to hers and led the way. On the first floor were two large bedrooms, of similar proportion to the lounge. "We can knock through, make a bathroom and a dressing room. And there's two more rooms upstairs."

"Okay, babes." She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Thank you, babes."
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