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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Horror/Scary · #2259869
You don't need to say I love you
(24 lines)


Love is never easy,
love can make you blind,
love can lead you into Hell
if you love the demon kind.

His face seemed fair and open,
he flashed a winning smile,
stole her heart and breath away
with his handsome, roguish style.

He promised an eternity,
a life of wedded bliss,
sealed the pact with virgin blood
that trickled from his kiss.

The honeymoon was over
before the rice was swept.
Unmasked, the bridegroom reveled,
the frightened bridesmaids wept.

He dragged her down to Satan's pit,
deprived of any choice,
in endless pain and suffering,
unable to give voice.

'Just say the word, my darling,'
he mocks her nightmare dream.
A safe word never spoken
when there is no mouth to scream.

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