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Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2259902
for Stormy Lady's Oktoberfest week two

Sam Adams
A retired man
In his late 70’s
One day was reflecting

Upon the fact
That ever since his wife died
Of COVID complications

From the dreaded X version
That was the worst ever since
It killed about 85% of the victims,

Turning the rest into barely human animals,
That were soon turned into slaves.
They could not catch or spread the virus again.

They had supernatural hearing, speed, strength and vision,
Hard to kill, but hardly the feared zombies,
everyone initially feared.

With the massive deaths
There was a huge shortage of workers especially,
farm workers, Fruit pickers and meat packers.

Ever since that date,
He had developed the ability
To see ghosts.

They were everywhere,
And he heard the voices of the ghosts
Crying in the wind.

The auto crash ghosts, the cancer and disease ghosts.
the corona ghosts, the gun violence ghosts,
the heart attack ghosts, and the knife attack ghosts.

And the ghosts saw Sam
But Sam soon found
That no one could see him,

It dawned on him
One morning when his friend
Casper the friendly ghost told him,

Sam, you must know, the reason ,
no one can see or hear you,
other than ghosts is that you are one too.

Come with me, it is time
For your appointment with Mr. GR, the grim reaper,
And to leave this mortal plane.

Sam went with Caspar, he was no longer a ghost,
no longer saw them or heard them.
His voice was now quiet, no longer crying in the wind.
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