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Just a poem on the Price Is Right game Plinko
You're in the crowd
You're on the set
"Come On Down!"
Your name was said

You're in Contestants Row
Looking at Drew
The prize, you know
The computer that you
Have always craved for
Since you saw it in a store

You bid $1250
You hope you win
The total, $1253
You just won, you did

You're up on stage
Ready to play
You get the game that's all the rage
What is that game? You say

It's Plinko, and you can win
Fifty Thousand Dollars cash
You celebrate in the din
You are really having a bash

You get all the prices right
You have five chips
You drop one, $10,000 in sight!
It lands there, you smack your hips

After its all said and done
You got $23,000, in cash
That's the money that you've won
Enough to have a great big bash!
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