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Poipole and pikachu finds a air pump in the house and well... mess around with it a little
It was a nice day in a alola. Ash is off training with his other Pokémon while poipole and pikachu had the house to thereselfs.

Poipole: wow! We have the whole day to ourselves! isn’t that great pikachu?

Pikachu: yea I can’t wait to..

Poipole: I’m already bored...

Pikachu: ... it’s only been 5 seconds

Poipole: I don’t really like it when it’s quiet. Maybe we can find something to toy around with here.

Pikachu: ok! I’m honestly bored when ash isn’t around so i can relate

Poipole and pikachu: (searches the place for somthing fun to use)

Poipole: (finds an air pump) uh..pikachu?

Pikachu: did you find something

Poipole: yea but I have no idea what it is..

Pikachu: oh that’s an air pump! It’s used to inflate balloons and put air into any other inflatable things

Poipole: oh well I don’t see any with it so I think I’ll just put it back.

Pikachu: actually I have a idea your from a different dimension right? Maybe the laws of physics are different in your world and we can use the pump on you!

Poipole: ... I have no clue what you just said

Pikachu: (face palms) here let me simplify it. You different me use pump and make you balloon.

Poipole: ooooh! Wait... you want to inflate me!?

Pikachu: yea I thought maybe that be fun to do i mean no ones around to see it

Poipole: I...I don’t know I mean I do know I cause a lot of mischief and shenanigans... but honestly this sounds dangerous! And I’m not use to saying that to something like this..

Pikachu: Aw come on pleeease!? I promise I’ll go slow and i will make sure not to pop you!

Poipole: ......ok but please don’t let ash see me all blown up it would be too much embarrassment.

Pikachu: thanks! (takes pump and readys arms) ready?

Poipole: I am. Do it! (Places hose in mouth)

Pikachu: (begins pumping)

Poipole: (belly starts to stretch and grow)

Pikachu: how you feelin? Oh wait you can’t speak cuz your mouth is full..hehe.

Poipole: (grumbles... somehow?) ( arms and legs start to puff up too)

Pikachu: oh! It didn’t take that long for you to completey round up!

Poipoles thoughts: ( it’s... it’s actually working? I already feel really full and can’t move! I’m a balloon! Well now I’m hoping I can get pretty big before I hit my limit)

Pikachu: (starts pumping faster) I hope you don’t mind if I speed it up a little!

Poipole: mmff?!

Poipoles body: (fssssssssssss... crk... groan.. CREAK!)

Poipoles thoughts: ( I said take it slow! I’m starting to regret this now)

Pikachu: wow your blush is blue? That so cool! (Continues to pump)

Poipoles thoughts: ( I feel so full... but pikachu is happy with this and it’s all that matters... I just wish I could move though)

Poipoles body: (creak!...groan!....fsssssss...CREEAK!!)

Poipoles thoughts: (uh oh...)

Pikachu: wow your huge!... but you don’t look like your full. Yet but don’t worry I’ll be done after one more BIG pump!

Poipole: mmhhmmm! MHMHM!!!

Pikachu: (pulls out pump as far as it goes and pushes with all his might)

Poipoles body: ( CREEEEEEEEEEEEAK!!!)

Poipoles thoughts (s-s-so...f-full g-g-g-gonna...BURST!!)

Poipoles body: (CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAK!) (creaking stops)

Poipoles thoughts: (...wh-where’s the boom? I-I thought there’s b-be a boom. I’m...I’m ok? PHEW! That was to close for comfort..any more air in my belly and I’d definitely explode into confetti)

Pikachu: (climbs outo poipoles body and removes hose) so how do you feel?

Poipole: I’m stuffed! And I LOVE it! I never knew I could do this! It feels great to be a balloon!

Pikachu: awww I’m glad you are

Poipole: aw thank y...(belly growls loudly) mmmhfff! Ow...

Pikachu are you ok?

Poipole: I’m..I’m alright my belly needs time to settle more with how full I am.

Pikachu: oh ok...hey! Mind if I use you as a bed?

Poipole: sure! But don’t jump o..

Pikachu (proceeds to do exact opposite of what poipole was gonna say and dives onto poipoles inflated belly)

Poipole: OW!! Hey! I said don’t do that!

Pikachu: aw come on you can’t stay mad at me.

Poipole: .....I know

The end

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