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Pikachu finds out poipole is not even completely full it was only halfway to the limit
Pikachu plays around with poipoles inflated body like a giant ball till he had a new idea...

Pikachu: weeee! Your make a great ball! Are you having fun too?

Poipole: yes! I’m loving every second of this! all though... I’m starting to feel less stuffed now I’m starting to think maybe I’m not really at my limit yet.

Pikachu: (grabs pump again) maybe you wanna find out?

Poipole: Gulp....s-sure just please. If I do pop please tell me you know how to fix my body when it’s in pieces.

Pikachu: (put hose in poipoles mouth) don’t worry I know what to do but we don’t have to cuz you’ll be fine (starts pumping)

Poipoles body: (fsssssssssss....crk...groan....)

Poipoles thoughts: (here we go again... the full feeling is already starting to come back but at least it’s not so ba..)

Poipoles body: (PUUUFF!)

Poipole: mmhf!?!

Pikachu: woah! It’s like your belly just opened up! Maybe I can start pumping faster already.(pumps faster)

Poipoles thoughts: (not agian!)

Poipoles body: (FSSSSSS... CREAK! GROAN! PUFF!)

Poipoles thoughts: (my belly feels so much tighter than the last time if I could move I’d probably stop pikachu now so I don’t have to worry about getting to big)

Poipoles belly: (GROOWLLL!)

Poipoles thoughts: (that’s new!)

Pikachu: I’m starting to get a little tired... but I’m not giving up! I want to make you as big as possible! (Pumps with all his leftover energy)

Poipoles body: (crrrrrrrrk......CREEEEEEAK!)


Poipoles thoughts: ( I-I...can’t...t-take...it...a-a-anymore. T-too........m-m-much......p.....pr.....pressure.....I’m......gonnna.....BURST!!!!!!)

Poipoles body: (CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAK!!) (creaking stops...again)

Poipoles thoughts: (...t-to..full to t-t-think of..anything..nnngh)

Pikachu: (removes hose) I definitely pushed you to your limit this time!

Poipole: >//~//<

Pikachu: ... are you ok..

Poipole: >)~(<

Pikachu: wait.. why are your cheeks still puffed u..

Poipole : ( spits out air trapped in cheeks at pikachu s face)

Pikachu: hey!

Poipole: huff...huff...huff

Pikachu: why did you blow in my face?

Poipole: i’m..sorry...t-There...was some..air..i-In..my mouth..s-still..cuz..my belly is.....pretty.....much...f-f-full..already..s.so..excess air..went..to my..m-m-mouth

Pikachu: why are you talking so weird are you ok?

Poipole: I..need time..t-to settle..with..my..belly..I-I never..had..to..g-get..s-so..big..before.

Pikachu: did I really push you that much? Maybe you should just take a rest you maybe it will help

Poipole: but..what..if..

Pikachu: don’t worry ash is gonna be Gone the whole day I’ll deflate you in time!

Poipole: oh...ok. I..feel...lightheaded..

Pikachu: (falls asleep)

Poipole: at..least..he’s h-happy (fall asleep too)

The end

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