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I thought of inflation article after reading a story called Pokémon ultra mystery dungeon
Poipole and necrozma were just enjoying the normal world necrozma they were looking for something they can use to pass the time and poipole...kinda found somthing quite unfamiliar to him

Poipole: necrozma..

Necrozma: yes poipole?

Poipole: I’m a little bored

Necrozma: don’t worry your not the only one. This day feels like it’s founding in slow motion.

Poipole: you wanna do something to pass the time?

Necrozma: I’d say yes but there’s nothing we can use

Poipole: there’s gotta be! We can try looking around!

Necrozma: ok! That’ll also pass time looking for something

(They search around for a little bit and eventually poipole finds... well you already know what it is if you read everything else)

Poipole: what’s this? I’ve never seen something like this before....it looks like food!

Necrozma: (turns around and see poipole with a air tank) oh did you find som..WAIT POIPOLE DONT PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH!

Poipole: (puts hose in mouth and starts to inflate) mmmff!? Mmmfmfmmm!!!

Necrozma: GAH! Don’t worry poipole! I-I’ll help!

Poipole: (struggles to move) MMMMFF! MMHH!

Necrozma (grabs hose attached to poipoles mouth and tugs) nononono! ITS STUCK!

Poipole: mmmhmmhm! MHHMHHH! (Body begins to creak and groan)

Necrozma: what do I do!? What do I do?! Wait the valve! (Grabs valve and pulls hard) I-I-ITS STUCK TO?!

Poipole: mhhmmff...mhhff..mmm.. (body’s creaks really loudly)

Necrozmas thoughts: NONONO! He's gonna burst! Please don’t! WHAT AM I GONNA D...wait why did I not think of doing that in the first place?

Poipole: mmmmhhf...mmm... (body ready’s to explode)

Necrozma (straight up slices hose into pieces and manages to rip hose outta poipoles mouth) are...are you ok poipole?

Poipole: >\\~\\<

Necrozma: poipole...?

Poipole: ......nnghh

Necrozma: oh thank goodness

Poipole: n-necrozma? What...happened?

Necrozma: I suggest you don’t look down

Poipole: (looks down) wha?! W-W-What happened to me!?!

Necrozma: remember that thing you found?

Poipole: yes? What about it? (Belly loudly growls) ow...

Necrozma: that’s is what this world would call an “air tank” it contains loads of air as in the thing that you and I breathe. It seems you stumbled across one.

Poipoles: so is the air tank why I’m so big and round?...and full too?

Necrozma: yes. your current state is called “inflated” which means your body is full of air and the air is forceing your body to stretch out like that. And right now you seem to be at your limit.

Poipole: w-what do you mean limit? What...what happens if I go past that?

Necrozma: your not gonna like what you hear. You will explode and your pieces will scatter like snow.

Poipole: (traumatized) wh...wh..wh.....WHAAAAAT?!? You mean if I get too my body will burst into confetti?!?

Necrozma: I’m afraid so..

Poipole: I-I don’t wanna explode! Please don’t let that happen to me!!

Necrozma: don’t worry I’ll be here to protect you all the way.

Poipole: t-thank you...

Necrozma: now you want me to help you get deflated

Poipole: I know you literally just said that getting too big is dangerous but to be honest... I actually think I like being inflated!

Necrozma: y-you do?

Poipole: yeah! Now that I’m more settled with belly.. I’m really enjoying be all big and round. It feels so nice...you should try it!

Necrozma: I’m afraid that’s no how it works for me I’m a crystal..and I don’t even have a mouth.

Poipole: oh...uhhh... it was awkward to say you should join then

Necrozma: Also another way to say inflated is to say your a “balloon”

Poipole: oh..neat! It feels great to be a balloon! I said that to much already.

Necrozma: yeah you did

Poipole: (looks up and sees the sun setting) wow! That burned the whole day up!

Necrozma: your right! And you know sinse your currently a balloon...mayb..

Poipole; go right ahead I already know your gonna ask if you can use me as a bed. Just please be carful you have more sharp things on you than kartana!

Necrozma: Don’t worry I’ll do my best (finds a comfy position that also doesn’t poke poipoles balloon body) good night poipole.

Poipole: Good night necrozma

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