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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2260081
Ridge gets over-zealous.

Ridge Hewitt was doing his stint monitoring the live feed in the room next door. Slouched on his tailbone and smoking yet another cigarette, he fought sleep.
“Are you threatening me?”
He sat up and turned up his earphones.
“Maybe. Call it a warning.”
“Sound like an old school type is having some issues with Sid. Doesn’t sound like it’s over the phone either,” Ridge decided.
“You got a lotta nerve. Maybe I should just off you and save myself more trouble!”

Ridge tensed and listened more carefully. The barely audible hum of the digital recorder reassured the FBI agent that he was getting everything. There were sounds of walking and rustling as if Sid had stood up.
“Don’t get cocky. I got friends in low places.”
Removing his headset, Ridge jumped up and carefully opened the door. Stealthily, he moved to the door of the room beside him and put his ear to it. Hearing a pistol cock, he knew he had no choice.
Putting his shoulder to the door, the agent broke it down. Rushing forward, gun drawn, he stopped suddenly. Sid was sitting up on the bed propped with pillows and munching popcorn. He just about choked at Ridge’s entrance.

“Got this place wired have you?” Sid commented when he could talk.
That was when Ridge caught sight of what Sid was watching on high volume. A forties gangster movie with Edward G. Robinson, whom Sid happened to sound a lot like and some actor the agent didn’t recognize.
“Popcorn?” offered Sid, holding out the bag.
“No thanks, just promise to keep this to yourself, otherwise I’ll never live it down!” Ridge asked as he hurried back to his post.
Sid, being a long time snitch, couldn’t resist telling on Ridge. He was ribbed without mercy.

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