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Me in a nutshell...
Will Not Bow.

Having strength comes with a price,
as you will see i’ve had to roll the dice,
but with sweat upon my brow,
you will see I did not bow.

I have had a struggle or two,
witnessed more tragedy than anyone should do.

I have made bad choices that caused pain in others,
and shook the trust I gained from brothers.

I have lied, cheated and remained emotionally closed,
all while keeping the true me from ever being exposed.

It was hard for me to start over,
to search for luck amongst the clover.

With so many guidelines as to which way I should go,
I found freedom in life’s sweet glow.

I found inspiration in the puzzles of human life,
all while helping others through their strife.

To give others what I did not have before,
a true sense of strength to clamore for.

To stand out affront a crowd,
shine without a frown,
for this is what I have vowed,
and place upon my crown.

To fight for others when they bow out,
to plant a seed of hope and watch it sprout.
Into a life as mighty as an oak,
and a life that is no laughing joke.

With a little strength and inspiration,
I can stand for the longest durations,
helping others become the best they can be,
I will lead them to their highest degree.
-Isa Jynx
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