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by ghost
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Is it ok ?
Hello y'all been a while. This year has been a headache and a rollercoaster of emotion that I don't know how to deal with. I went from living in a apartment with my bf to moving back in with my mom to moving in with my god mother, from starting to work again to having to stop to working to stop, from managing to stay positive to finding a way to dealing/coping with all my negative thoughts and feelings and accepting reality for what it is, from always looking out for other people to having to remind myself that I have to look out for myself because not everyone wants the best for you. Accepting this is hard for me because Im the type of person to help if I can even if that means I'm not doing what I need to do at that moment which backfires. Is it better exercise my patience to help others before my self or help myself before others? I don't know. Any advice
Thanks for reading and for the help
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