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exceptionally burgbrown rHaire ,., of great caring feeling

quite quietly ..:, the silent sounds .. silentness sounding
of quietness ,;.. of quietness ,:., a quietingesation
quite silently the quiet butterfly flew in the sewn silence

sages appraised .., Thou Down to flutter Inslighlent Humane
wonder pathfull ways to next journeys crane
sunrise Blize across blues sKies to end anothers

MISTS EZIDOLEM : * : Love at Lastsinging ride of ComPasSion

They Blaze ,. HappIyness Shrapenel Joy in Yi

shadows fade, new light waves , in old stunnginglee
wrinklesappylewn of wanny faces
lovers fight, lovers light , lovers dance in line to eye
their face a smile
love at first ride i believe doesn't mean for an instant partners
for life :.,; after circadayless miles unseen
a months fortelling shalt not never seeingblind
MISTS EZIDOLEM : *%* : Love at Lastsinging ride of ComPasSion

Cycle & rhythms of Love wonkus in the winking wonwise wightickled

d n a n'hsarht a hcus sti
rettat a fo ruomalg
compassion ,-its a fassionation
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