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A Story About Furry Best Friends.
True Story
By: ~Sandra J
Once upon a time a beautiful tree lived here. For centuries it grew to shelter my home and became the most beautiful tree on the street.
It was a welcome magnificent sight lavishly accented against the heavenly shades of the sky above.
Various birds built their nests and sang in the branches from high above.
Squirrels playfully raced up and down and Jill the cat joined in the play. One day chasing a squirrel up the tree Jill suddenly turned and raced to me leaping onto the step beside me with the squirrel in strong pursuit very close behind! They came to a sudden halt and stood frozen in their tracks when I shrieked, both staring straight into my eyes. After a moment they recovered and continued with their play time.
After Jill aged and passed away the squirrel would come and sit on my porch as if waiting for her to come out and play.
I have an image in my mind of the people that came and went over the years and enjoyed the shade and rustling branches that grew as huge as fully grown trees. Eventually the branches started breaking and tumbled dangerously to the ground and the whole tree had to be taken down. It looked so barren with only a stump left as if looking into a vacant sky, so vast yet feeling bare and empty without it.
So my friend Sandi added a "Tree Face" with a pineapple hat and eyes that glow in the dark. I call her "JILL" The meaning of the name Jill is: "Youthful sweetheart." Pineapples are age old symbols of friendship, hospitality, and commitment. It seems so fitting there at the edge of the driveway. The spirit has carried forth to be adorned with morning glories and wild asters that planted themselves there.
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