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What if Belos succeeded in merging the two realms? (First story, pls be nice)
“Show Belos who’s boss, mija!”

Luz’s phone pinged with the following text, that was the only thing keeping Luz going, the text from her missing mother. Luz smiled at the text, and got back to work on her bat, carvings of glyphs new and old littered the baseball bat. Blowing of the wood shavings Luz concluded it was ready, she slung it on her shoulder and left her room. Luz’s once perfect home was now a base for the growing rebellion, the B.A.T.T.’s (which included Eda, Lilith, Vee, Hunter, Gwen, who was left of the original B.A.T.T.’s, and it’s still growing). “Hey Luz, where are you going” King’s voice cut through Luz’s thoughts like a butcher knife, Luz turned to King with a smile sweeter than sugar-dip “I’m going out to get supplies, I’ll be back soon!” Eda perked up “You can’t go out there! Your still 16!” “Eda, have you forgotten everything I’ve done? I was able to get you out of being petrified!” Luz responded, Eda was caught of guard “W-well, kid, it’s just, well… I don’t want to lose you just like, Raine, Willow, and Gus…” “I understand, I’ll be careful!” Luz softly pleaded, Eda sighed and caved “fine, but King’s going with you!” Luz began to beam with joy “Really!? Your letting me!? AH! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” She tackled Eda with a hug

Little did Luz know, Eda letting her out, would start the beginning of hope for the poor trapped humans, and the repressed witches.
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