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Not what he appears.

It was the last meeting of the booster committee, and they were finalizing the arrangements for their annual fundraiser, A Masquerade Ball. A local resident, new to the area, recently offered his services. His name was Jonas Rowland. He was a retired schoolteacher and missed the community involvement. After a brief introduction from the committee chairwoman, the floor was opened to questions.
Sandy Hansen inquired, “Do you have any special talents that we should know about?”
Mr. Rowlands turned his head, looked off in the distance, and then refocused his stare, “I can do magic.”
“Really” the committee members all chime in together.
“That would be an interesting addition to our theme.” Offered Lucille. “Would you be willing to put on a show for our event?”
“I would love to.” Mr. Rowlands answered in great excitement. “
It was the big night. Guests poured in, dressed in elaborate costumes, holding their masks to their faces and mingling on the dance floor. Money was pouring into the donation box and good times were being had by all.
Then Jonas stepped to the middle of the floor, went through a series of sleight of hand, card tricks then announced his Grand Finale. I will make myself disappear before your very eyes. He reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out an object, and threw it down to the floor in front of him. A cloud of smoke emerged. It kept getting thicker and heavier however and it became very hard to see.
The silhouette of the magician made its way to the door after a quick pause at the registration desk.
Finally, after a prolonged period, the smoke dissipated, and the room cleared.
Then a voice for the registration area filled the hall, “The donation box is gone.”
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