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This is a short history of time that tell about a few events in the past.
If you travel the Euphrates, up the river, you will come to where the Garden of Eden will undoubtedly be, in eastern Turkey directly north of Israel.
Adam and Eve could have settled somewhere around Israel or in Israel.
The Nile River is the Pison and the Jordan River is the Gihon. The Mediterranean Sea and tha Red Sea did not exist before the great flood, and the Nile River ran in a southern direction before the flood.
The place of the sea became the Mediterranean Valley where the peoples before the flood could have settle.The Atlantic Ocean created the Mediterranean Sea around the time of Noah and the great flood. The ark could have been builded from the cedars of Lebanon, where Noah could have lived when the ark was builded.
Atlantis is the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The whole Atlantic Ocean was dry land before Generis, which is the recreation of the earth, after satan's rebellion against the Father of Heaven. It took power and authority of satan away.
Atlantis was the domain of satan when he was the lord of the earth. Satan and the fallen angels are the peoples of Atlantis.
The destruction of Atlantis is the rebellion of satan that caused the world to become void and darkness were on the face of the earth.
Satan and the fallen angels were the beings that walked on the ground after they cast down to earth, to walk on the planet until their grew weak and decay. Their bodies became mortal when they were cast down from heaven to the ground to roam over the earth until death. They came to be known as the cavemen that people are finding today.
Time did not exist before the Garden of Eden. The bible quote that a thousand years is like a day, for time with God is infinity, which means God's existence is forever. Time can not be measure before Genersis.
The only individuals that exist were the angels. Death came to them when Lucifer rebelled against his Highest; before that , the angels lived in infinity.
The only years are the ones that come after Genersis. Infinity can not be measure for it is forever. The age of the earth is infinity. Man is the only being that has years imputed. For he is the only being that has to deal with time and growing old, dut that will change when Jesus comes back to recreates the earth and universe.
For then, everything will be infinity. The whole world will become the Garden of Eden again, God is looking for anyone who will be willing to live in his new paradise. All a person has to do is accept his word.
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