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This is the third instalment of my best friends times four poems

For Tiffany Renee Hipwell-Tschantz 8/3/17

"Best Friends Times Four"

Best Friends Times Four, I have four individuals in my life that have the classification of best friends you are number three. You are my fellow beautiful Leo the Lioness, we joke and play around and say we are lovers even though we are not, the truth is we are sisters and we are big hams, but we share the lime light with each other because we bring out the best in each other and we glow when we are together always having fun with each other and we make each other laugh. We both love to create things and color with each other. Most of all we both like to roar together (sing). I may not be able to carry a tune in a bucket but you always help me make myself look good. We have had our ups and downs but these last 22 years of friendship are never dull and they have been the best 22 years. We know how to make each other purr with the best of them.

You are a vivacious person and beautiful and you never let me forget that big is beautiful. You always worry about my health and try to help me look out for me and my health first. We are unique we are Leo sisterhood and that will never change.

Love you Tiffany,

Best Friends forever and always

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lets continue to roar together and many more my Leo sister.

Jennifer Crystal Gorecki-Tims

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