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This is the second instalment of my bestfriends times series

For Tina Louise Pinault-Beasley 8/3/17

"Best Friends Times Four"

Best Friends Times Four, I have four individuals in my life that have the classification of best friends you are number two. You helped me to come out of my shell since we met in seventh grade and to this day you still do. You have helped me to learn to not take life so serious and to take what people have to say about me with a grain of salt. You helped me to learn there is life outside of books, learning, and working. I learned from you how to have fun and fuck everyone else including my mom. I learned to stand up for myself from you. I am very grateful to have you as my best friend, but we are more than best friends we are sisters and hellions when we get together. We are the Dynamic Duo, only worse.

We have been to hell and back with each other that is where our sisterhood bond is at. I will never forget how strong that bond is and how much we have been through. We had many fights and disagreement, but you and I always work it out in the end and we always end up being there for each other no matter what and we will always find each other no matter how far apart we grow from each other, you are my ying to your yang.

Love you Tina,

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Jennifer Crystal Gorecki-Tims

Best Friends forever and then some.

Though we don't see each other much because of our hectic schedules, I know we always have each others backs.

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