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The passing of time, success, goals and good manners and the importance of civility!
*****this was written a few weeks back and I'm just now getting the kahoonahs to put it out there.....there is no earth-shattering revelations to be found within these words of mine but they're word that I did indeed feel the necessity to share and speak...... thank you.******** dms

As we come to the close of another month and move into October it’s hard to believe 2021 will have come and gone. Will any of us come to our goals successfully as we declared at the first of the year? Who knows I just know I don’t make New Year's resolutions because I see no sense of setting myself up for failure!

Will I personally wrap up another year with success and met goals? That depends on who you ask and I don't planning on asking anyone else what the heck they think about my success, goals or achievements or the lack thereof.

I would like to address something about success, goals and achievements that a lot of people may not consider a subsection of any of those categories. However I am here to tell you and testify to the truth about that.

Kindness whether it be with your words or even a smile to and for another human being is never something that should be debatable or decided upon in the process of how we treat another. Being helpful and having manners is not something that ever goes out of style or should fear societal trends (even as I listen to Ice Cube shouting “Fuck The Police”)

Of course we should never say that to an officer of the law who puts his life and family in danger every day. The police get a back wrap because there are some Asshats who chose the profession of law enforcement that are not nice and don’t care about civil liberties or even being a civil servant. I could only imagine that the worst thing for a good policeman would be an evil, dirty cop that gets and gives the bullshit to make Mr. O’shay a very right and rich man.

I understand how and why people don’t give the respect due to these men and women. But not everything and everyone writing, reporting and sharing the news is honest and legit either. They are Asshats too! So I think it’s a personal, civic duty to give these men and women the respect they deserve and have earned.

Be social and use social media in the best possible way share the good and the truth and what is important and promising for a greater good and better people. People can be real assholes and Meany's (my apologies for being one, I’m working on that). And I would like to offer a public apology for flipping the Clendenin cops off.

I had no right to do that and I sure in the hell wasn't showing you the respect and kindness of which I would like to share. A public, civil, respectable and reasonable attempt at extending the olive branch. Shame on me for that it will not happen again. Truly I tell you I am sorry. I won’t do that again.

Being a police officer in a small town couldn’t be easy I would imagine for the obvious reasons and the political reasons. And that’s the Gods honest truth in small towns and even our own home town hasn’t been immune to such controversy. This is just my opinion and it doesn’t me mean a damn thing to anyone but me right now. But I dare say, share, and know others like me that perhaps share my thoughts and considerations of opinion.

As someone who was raised in this town and was taught to have a certain degree of respect and even fear for the police, to this very day if a police officer gets behind me I start to check myself. Meaning they get my attention and respect. I don’t expect another single person to do or feel the way I do but that singular, personal reaction speaks and represents that exact way and means that I was taught.

If you don’t understand what I am saying or not saying with this point then please let me know, nicely I would prefer and kindly ask. A lot of these men and women that work for small towns such as my hometown get their first official title in law enforcement and often go on to be county and state police officers.

If you have been given the opportunity to represent your professional position and profession consider it an honor in such a way. Because I totally understand how there are certain career choices and jobs we have and do that have a certain boulevard and ability to pick us. No further explanation needed and why consider it as such?

Why not! I can’t help but consider that the ridiculous amount of bullshit and corruption and overreach that does and can occur in small hometowns all across the US might be catalyst for and towards a person's attitude and outlook about what it might mean to be a law enforcement officer. It could change the whole dynamic and deserving respect that police officers and fellow law enforcement throughout America seems to be devoid of.

Call me a dreamer and fool with my head in the clouds if you may because I am guilty as charged. But even a damn fool can tell you that this country of ours is a damn mess lacking the respect and honor and representation that it deserves and has damn well fought for. Think about all those men and women that fought for this country and for all the many reasons of law and liberty that the USA was founded upon.

With that truth well established let's consider this angle for a moment. At the foundation of any structure, success or advancement in humanity is where one will find the most important building blocks for growth and stability regardless of the dream or angle one desires to construct. The genesis of where true civility begins or might possibly end.

The foundation of the word civility begins with CIVIL and it is the very simple foundation of which potential growth and stability begins. The word civil as it pertains to citizens in their ordinary capacity, ordinary life and affairs of citizens, distinguished FROM the military and ecclesiastical life and affairs, to and for the commonwealth or state and befitting of a citizen. Conceived with the foundation of future possibilities are some very sacred and simplistic respects and acts of kindness' lacking in humanity.

I'm going to conclude with that and there is more than enough words and thoughts written above that explains (does not excuse) what it is and should at least be worth considering of a good citizen.


Deana Jacobs Smith

Clendenin, WV
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