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Contaminated water crisis and one unique species of fish

One hundred seventy two miles of ebb and flow along the banks and slow moving eddy’s of the mighty Elk I reeled one that even Rollin Martin would be proud of. The Elk River’s last surviving freshwater diamond darting in the rough.

Africa may very well have the Hope diamond but a true fisherman of men knows just which Jared or Jarrett to shop or cast a net into. These freshwater fish will perch and purr anyway possible. The trouble is and remains a mystery to what these water loving creatures find most precious among their true nature especially as an angler.

Is it precious prey for their family jewels or precious preservation for priceless gemstone’s that only remain in our small piece of the planet. And that I am most certain of is absolutely where the truth and divide between righteousness and wickedness remains to be decided and where the battle of this war will begin.

In this neighborhood blue topaz seems to light up the night sky on this harvest moon but I’m not exactly certain to what it is they may be fishing for. Diamonds, rarities, harvest moons and family jewels on the river fishing could indeed be the makings of a legendary narrative of heritage and healing and hope for a small hometown.

To bad I’m not a good enough writer or liar to make that a bestselling work of fiction. Kudos to the word master and literary genius that could indeed put a spin on that story.

For all the digging, sifting, searching, reading, asking, wondering and watching I just caught the prize winning fish tournament catch of the day. And I never once had to get in a boat, cast a pole, touch a worm or snag my line.

You could almost say it swam up river and jumped right into my reality and proverbial live-well and begged me to………!

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