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Some children just don't know how to 'play nicely'.
Emily had been collecting Troubles
kept them in a big glass jar
and Troubles grow till Troubles doubles
sad, but that's just how they are.

So Emily kept the lid on tightly
peering in to watch them grow
Sang to them and fed them nightly
Hate and fear and spite you know.

All these things are Troubles loving
Makes them sleek, nasty and mean.
Cramped and fierce, pushing and shoving
the most evil Troubles ever seen.

Put her heart into the project,
grinned at her exciting plan
for soon the sky she would infect
some things you do, because you can.

At Halloween stands on the common
Emily, with jar in hand
unscrews the lid now to release them
see them ballooning, ain't it grand?

A massive swarm of awful Troubles
Pluming freely from the jar
Sickening their laughter bubbles
a wailing willow seen from afar.

As her Troubles filled the sky
Emily smiled, I wonder why.

Line count: 26

Written for the Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest October 2021, Week 3, Prompt 1.

Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest  (13+)
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