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Needed some brilliance for the 1000th thing in my port...
Went searching for brilliance
in the darkness. Found
only more inky black. No
light or spark to dazzle my eyes
or light my mind. Vast plain of nothingness
stretched to the horizon
which lurked unseen
in the unrelenting emptiness.
Hands, empty of a cell
or even lighter or match - held nothing
to strike or create a flash
of somethingness.

Yet, I strained and thought
to envision and lo, created
a glimmer. Just enough that faint
shadows formed; restless.
And I realized that I had within me
enough light that I had only
to envision and it would come to be.
From within me. It did not matter
in the least. I would be
my own candle. My own source.

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