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Characteristical opinion on how individual unique thought conforms into factuality
Once enough a particular sense of being is meant to remain free of the complex of attention . There is no need to attract your thoughts to look up at those high peaks of wisdom, these lingering thoughts are radiations from last dying afternoons...there is no need for those who think wisdom can be conquered just by studying but never observing realities to conform their lost thoughts to be leveled accordingly to another perceptions .It is kind of obnoxious to pretend to understand others perspectives upon realities,even if they share a same dimensional and social experiences. Each one to its own . Remain thoughtful and unique . Seek to understand others position on this world and then promote your own unique kind of acceptance. That will recreates,time and times again the expanding thought that is know as; Tolerance . For Tolerance has become the new normal of views to be able to accept this brittle new generations .. this new trends of social tolerances are being sewed on the fabric of culture.The fabrics of cultures never gets frayed by exposing its edges to the frictions created as it is moved around the corner of the world .Instead the fabrics becomes intertwined by the hands of destiny,by the impulses of the times proverbial .This new normalities are emanations ,spores as particles be expelled as we,humans steps,walks uon the fabric of life and per se. Our progressive advances over it created marks,lines,distortions,stains over the carpet of living .Cultural methods of living are modeled by change . Now is thought over society . before was otherwise .Our human history does not ever will be repeated forever again...our history is counteracting against itself. Our prevailing justifications to live in the past are just obsolete. Their is no sense of thinking that by remaining attached to the past and its consequences are the meanings of this new societal means of living .Never stating that our human pasts are what made us whole right now ,is proposing a theory that our human pasts did not create the justificafications of who had we are becoming...
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