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A poem about healing a sick mind
I’m starting to forget,
the agony I went through.
Each day a memory,
as I move farther from you.

I’m starting to forget,
how your smile used to be.
I think that’s the worst part,
forgetting you and me.

I was always so grounded,
and set in my ways.
Routine was the bedrock,
of my each waking day.

Then when you left,
it stopped mattering so much.
The routine broke down,
and I begin to lose touch.

Everyone blamed the drinking,
and I guess I did too.
It was easier to blame devils,
and a sentient brew.

I was losing my mind though,
after losing our life.
It wasn’t just you leaving,
that was just the first knife.

The house and the car,
losing my job as well.
The bills started stacking,
and life became hell.

I tried to act normal,
but I was starting to crack.
I began to shut down,
and began to drown in the black.

Sleeping was easier,
than dealing with myself.
I’d drink to failure,
then refill the shelf.

I think coming back,
from the brink I was on,
is something words can’t describe,
because part of me’s gone.

I can still write these poems,
full of pity and fear.
But I can’t describe the feeling,
of myself thinking clear.

I know I lost my mind,
when I lost everything.
I never dreamed that could happen,
I simply ran out of string.

Now the shame of it all,
is what I have to build on.
I can do it now I know,
but it still hurts that you’re gone.

Life isn’t a dream,
and it doesn’t make sense.
Life’s full of regret,
and full of recompense.

So just know I’m still writing,
as I heal a sick brain.
I hope you keep reading,
even as I become sane.

Shit happens to us,
and sometimes it’s not fair.
Just keep moving forward,
towards those that care.

I love you all,
and I wish you the best.
Let’s get better together,
and fuck all the rest.
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