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A life’s journey toward perfection
I leave my life behind and embrace the night
I say goodbye to the boring, goodbye to the trite
For a euphoric moment with Lora, Linda and Libra

My mind is clear and my heart does steer
No sounds I hear or feelings of fear
As I purse perfection’s obsession, Lora, Linda and Libra

I pass old Elkhorn and pass him quick
Before he tries to trick me with his serpent’s trick
I MUST embrace my loves Lora, Linda, and Libra

Palmyra beckons me to HER side
I continue on, never breaking stride
For the truth and warmth of Lora, Linda, and Libra

These few hours a week, I am king!
I feel it in my legs, the welcome sting
As I travel the countryside to my Lora, Linda, and Libra

My breathing is labored but my mind is keen
As the night grows dark and the creatures grow mean
I must continue my pursuit of Lora, Linda and Libra

I shall not be deterred or shall I be defeated
With their glorious truth I will be greeted
When my journey ends with Lora, Linda, and Libra
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