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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Mystery · #2260832
Diane Olsen's mind is getting weak. She believes a curse is upon her
Minor character profile
Diane Olsen
Diane Olsen
5’4”tall, white hair, blue eyes, she is a bit overweight, but stays as active as she can. Hands show signs of arthritis
Diane lost her husband in a car accident. Dale had a heart attack behind the wheel on the freeway.
She does not see her family and turned her back on them, for the most part, years ago when she and Dale moved to the homestead where she lives now. Dale made very good money and she felt she didn’t need anyone else.

She completely believes Bryant O’Leary put a curse on her and Dale for buying the house. They bought it at a tax delinquent sale. Diane did not know Bryant’s brother Bernard had him sent away, and that was how the property wound up tax delinquent.

Diane doe not hate her family, but just lost touch with them, she says. She still speaks to her nephew Keith. She does not know the only reason Keith keeps in touch is because he wants her money when she dies. It is natural, then, that she calls Keith when strange things start happening at the homestead.

Diane believes that if she leaves, the curse will be done and Keith will have no reason to worry. In the back of her mind she knows Keith may have to deal with Bernard, who had been relentlessly trying to purchase the property from her.

She knew there was word in town there was a great deal of money buried on her property. She had never found it, not had Dale. Neither, honestly, had ever put much stock into the rumor.

Diane never had children and married Dale when she was in her late 30s. Her parents thought she may never marry.

She has no ill will against Keith or Trent, but she is no longer thinking clearly. She just needs to get away from what she feels is a curse that she cannot shake as long as she occupies this homestead. She never realizes Bernard is not only trying to purchase her property, but also is behind all of the strange goings on at her property. She is fully invested in the “curse” Bryant put on her and Dale.
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