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A personal take on the renowned Hunger Games Trilogy movie adaptation
The Hunger Games

"You'll be alright. No one can hurt you now".

-Safe and Sound, Taylor Swift

         I can safely say that this must what have been running through Katniss Everdeen's mind as she volunteered as a tribute in place of her sister, Prim, in the 74th Annual Hunger Games but boy, was she wrong. The Hunger Games is an annual tradition held in the City of Panem as a form of punishment for a rebellion that happened in the city's past. Every year, one male and one female tribute from the city's 12 districts must fight to their death in hopes of emerging as a victor in the cruel games.
         The novel's notable characters are Katniss, the main protagonist; Primrose, her beloved sister; Gale, Katniss' best friend; Peeta, a fellow tribute of Katniss and her beloved; Haymitch, a former victor who serves as Katniss' and Peeta's adviser; Effie, District 12's hostess; Cinna, the costume-maker who made noteworthy and meaningful outfits for Katniss, and of course, President Snow, the evil behind it all.
         The first part of the trilogy focus mainly on the qualities of Katniss that make her a brave and admirable tribute. Although not the typical girl who would put on pretense to be liked by sponsors, the people still fell for her character for her bravery and truthfulness.

         The second part of the trilogy titled "Catching Fire" shows Katniss and Peeta participating yet again in another Hunger Games after President Snow got dismayed with the outcome of the 74th Hunger Games. This time around, preceding victors from the 12 districts were pooled as tributes due to President Snow's eagerness to have Katniss eliminated. Just a quick background, The Hunger Games had always one sole victor until Katniss participated and did something that altered the games forever. Thus, the completely and totally uncalled for 75th Hunger Games.
         The last part of the trilogy is where it all unfolds: the revelation that District 13 still exists despite a massive destruction that it faced and the uprising crafted by District 13's president, President Coin, who at shallow scrutiny appeared as a comrade wherein the truth was, she had her own unlikeable motives. It is also at the final part of the trilogy where Prim, Katniss' most treasured sister, dies due to the command of President Coin.
         The Hunger Games trilogy tackles various themes such as survival, loyalty, justice, and betrayal. As for the symbols, the Mockingjay bird is the most notable since Katniss being the Mockingjay ended the cruel games once and for all.          

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