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An account of time spent in remembrance of ones Creator. Subhan Allah.
Leaves dancing to a timid tune,
Times passing into an illegible rune,
Joy takes semblance of a fleeting cloud,
Melancholy shrieks into the void aloud,
Fears sound the echoes of a hungry hound,
Here my life bides, earth and sky bound.

My sight is fixed outside my designated maze,
I see your eyes upon me past the worldly haze,
If I run to the centre, will it be You I find?
Wielding a feeble courage in the arms of my mind,
Here I start from my end of the brazen shore,
Lift the walls high and wide towards all in store.

My Waliyy, my feet have begun its purpose,
Guide its path without digression nor pause,
All joy stretches tethered to divine will,
Melancholy seeps nor hisses through the trill,
Fear shivers outside inept and unfound,
Where my soul bides, beside You, unbound.
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