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by Ro el
Rated: E · Documentary · Death · #2260961
D day I died happen to be the first chapter of D frozen city. More chapters still to come
The Frozen City

The day I died

It was a winter break, one not like any before; heavy snow storm had fallen in the early days of the month October which was a strange occurrence, so the government declared a state of emergency in the city which would last till it is safe once again. The snow storm lasted for two weeks, in which dozens of power lines were knocked down and many where left to leave in the cold dark. The sounds of siren could be heard through the streets, forcing their way through the thick snow to save lives. My father was the manager of the States Regional Power Supply Grid (SRPSG) and my mother, you guessed right was a Doctor in the only hospital located in my very City and all this while my mom had been in the hospital attending to a lot of emergencies ranging from frost bites and so on, and do worst.
My dad in the other hand had taken it upon himself to call some of his colleagues which they have gone to fix the power lines which had fallen so that people could be warm once more; I was left alone with my two younger siblings, Aria and Elton.
Three days after father left to fix the power lines, our family’s backup generator failed; it had run out of gas that evening, so I had to do something, coz It was getting cold.
I took one of the two snowmobile packed in the garage, covered myself and took off to the nearest gas station leaving my siblings at home, but on arrival to the gas station; it was covered in snow, I had to look for an alternative, so I kept riding until I got to El Diamond’s planet, a skyscraper which had a gas pump located at the exit of the company’s car park level right below El diamond’s planet; Lucky enough it had gas running, totally weird. No one had been seen going in or out of the building for almost a year but there at the parking level had a number of amazing cars, which looks like they undergo a daily maintenance and clean up.
I filled up my gas can, which was a twenty-five liter gallon and I decided to take a look around the parking lot before I go; each car was in good shape, dust free but they all had their keys placed on the center console, ranging from super cars to SUVs. It was then I felt the presence as though someone was looking at me; I looked around but I found no one, not even a sing of a single soul, so I hurried back to my snowmobile and drove back home

At home I refueled the backup generator and turned it back on, it was warm once more. Back in my room I had an old radio signal finder so I turned it to find the SRPSG radio frequency and I could listen to their conversation via the radio. I could hear dad and his colleagues over the radio, they sounded fine, they have made a couple of progress which was significant.
Days later Power supplies came back on; they did it, they have restored light to the entire city. The present of light was like life restored to a Dead world. The next day daddy arrived back home, we; I, Aria and Elton were happy to have him back in good spirits. It was on the 20th of that very month, October that mommy arrived back from the hospital. She had been there for a while but by the time she returned the snow storm was over; car were back on the roads, it was just like any other winter. The large swimming pool at our backyard was frozen to the point where u can walk over it’s Surface. Our family was happy together once more, The joy of sharing a meal as a family.
My family happens to be one of the prominent members of the society, though we are not so rich but we could afford the luxury for a comfortable lifestyle and more. From a very young age, I had difficulties with sight, so I had to wear a contact lens to avoid looking weird in school. I had vast knowledge about technology, so I got for myself the little I could afford; I had an egg shaped pod I got myself from a garage sale from rich family who got bankrupt so they sold it to me at a give away price. It was made from tick layer of glass, which made it a good safety pod. It’s hard and curved surface could withstand and divert a bullet shot from a very close range; it could seat two children or a single adult.
I was 18, my two little siblings Aria and Elton were 6 and 5 respectively. My parents had installed a lot of security cameras and couple of baby monitor to keep an eye on there children whenever they are out for work or on a date. Life went on for awhile normal, not until the news came; that the snow storm was as a result of a geo-atmospheric ecological defect, which altered and caused the temperature of our city to drop below -0° degrees and still had the tendency to drop even lower with time and no hope of having summer the next year.
We had no choice but to embrace our fate and adapt to the changes that have come our way. Like the saying goes; “Chang is constant” so we have to live with it.
It was the eve of Halloween, this time most children where made to stay indoors, everything had changed; I was at home in my room going through my desktop when the door bell rang, daddy had goon to answer the door this time when I turned on the front door camera on my desktop to see who it was; what I saw was strange, four persons in black all through, 3 had what looks like guns In their hands. I thought to myself “Hmmn What a Halloween costume”. It was then daddy opened the door and they pointed the gun at him forcing him back into the house did I realize what had just happened.
I rushed out of my room to Aria’s room & she was sleepy, I pulled her out of her bed as I hurried out with her to Elton’s room to find him streaming American Truck Driving video game life online with three of his friends, and I called out “Elton, safety first” it was then we heard mom scream “don’t u dare hurt my kids”. Elton turned his streaming camera facing the door as he stood up and followed me as we hurried back to my room, we could hear footsteps going up the stairs and towards my door; they most have seen us running into the room so they followed. In the room I made Aria and Elton seat in the pod and the door closed down slowly. It was then the door was kicked open and two person walked into the room. One had a gun but they both had a mask on, he pointed the gun at me and said “open the pod, grab the kids then we can quickly go downstairs” but by then the pod was already fully closed so I replied him with my hands up in the air “am sorry I can’t”, I could feel fear taking hold of me, my feat felt cold “what do you mean you can’t; don’t you have the password” he said with pure anger in his voice “it doesn’t have a password, it unlocks automatically five hours after it’s been closed” I said, I was so scared having a gun pointed at me; he angrily walked up to me, grabbing me by my shirt he turned me around, kicked behind that if fell to my knees facing the pod; “open it, or I will blow your fucking head up” he said with a loud voice. I felt the barrel of the gun pressed to the back of my head “I swear I can’t” I said in tears, crying out my eyes this time that I could barely see this time, he pulled me and pushed me to the large glass window in the facing the backyard, I could see the frozen pool down below. “Baby please don’t” a second voice said, this time it was that of a lady; she sounded more afraid than I am. I tried to turn around but he grabbed me, this time from my hair and smashed my head into the glass and pressed me onto it, I opened my eyes and I could see the cracks on the glass going crazy. He let go of me and turned to the pod and shot at it in continuous round of five, but the pod was still intact; not even a crack on it.
He turns back to me pulled me back and once again he smash me onto the glass window, this time the glass couldn’t hold on. It gave way letting me fall through; in the fear of falling with me, he immediately let go. So I plunged down onto the frozen pool; my eyes deemed as my body slowly sank down into the frozen pool; I could hear mommy scream and the sound of a gun shot and I could see what seems to be moms figure falling to the and next was that if father.
I couldn’t move a single limb more could I swim as my body went under water; I couldn’t hold my breath no longer, I had no choice but to drown. The waters flowed through my nostril down I could feel my lungs filling up with water as it grow cold and the pool turned red.

This is the day I die, in sorrow of what I’ve seen and the pain of what I’ve undergone. They say “your life flash before your eyes the moment u die”. But I wish it did while was still alive so I smile at the good memories
*Black Out*
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