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Dream warning to be careful how I handle the Word of God
I had a disturbing dream last night. When I woke up from it, I asked God what that was all about. He revealed it to me. First, let me tell you about the dream.

There were 3 men altogether fighting with swords for justice. Two of them were brothers. The brothers were in disagreement because one had evil intentions and the other did not. After they had this battle with 3 bad guys and the bad guys were defeated, the third man in the good guys group was wounded and laying on the ground. The brother with good intentions walked across to confront the brother with evil intentions. He walked by the wounded good man on the ground. As he did, he was so focused on confronting the other brother, he didn't realize he drug his very sharp sword across the wounded man’s throat. The wounded man bled out and was dead before any help could be gotten for him. He died laying in a pool of his own blood.

Then I woke up abruptly. Wow! What was that? I was wide awake for awhile after that one. Yikes! Here is what God revealed to me.

We must remember that the Word of God is a sword and needs to be handled with care. How many of us “Christians” have went to confront a brother or fellow Christian in the wrong and have accidentally hurt others in the process? How many of us have used our swords against our own brother or friend? Many professing Christians have used their weapons improperly and have fatally wounded others.

It is so easy to point our fingers at others and use the Bible against them. The Bible says this or that you sinner! Yet, we fail to remember that we are no better. We are sinners too, and it is only by the Grace of God that we are still living, breathing, and standing upon this earth.

I too have been wounded with the sword of the Spirit and it has taken me years to get over it. This is why we must confront each other humbly when we do confront another. We must be gentle. The word of God is even sharper than a two-edged sword.
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