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by Ronski
Rated: E · Poetry · Mystery · #2261104
Altogether, absolutely alliterate.
All almonds are absconded
By big-boy bags --
Candy contained, concealed, consumed.

Desperate, dirty dogs darken
Evening's eerie edge.

Four furry felines
Grab groveling, grizzly grub.

Hoarse, heartrending howls harken
In infested isolation.
Just juvenile jubilation?

Knock, knock ... knock, knock.
Low lights limit looks.
Mysterious, missing musterer.

No! Never! Not 'Nevermore'!
Object! Out of order!
Please parry Poe plague!
Queer, queasy question:
Raving, raging, rapping Raven?

Silly, stupid, simple simian!
That's thoughtless, tasteless tripe;
Utterly unbelievable utterances.

Verily, very violent
Whimsical wind went without.
Xenogenetic xenophobia!

Yield yawn yearning --
Zzzzz ...
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