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A sick little girl grasps to her life strings as her mother prepares her last meal.

In the Ozarks, deep into the forest, there lived a family who loved having fun, and everyone just seemed to like being around them. The parents would take their children on picnics, playing with them until they were all tired, but their youngest child became ill one day!
The doctors tried all they could to heal the child, but Magie seemed to get worse. As Magie lay in her bed at home, she looks at her Mother and makes a request.
"Mom, may I have a pear for dessert today?"
"Sure you can, honey," said Mom.
Magie's Mother went to the store, and Dad stayed home with her; Mom wanted to find some pear's for her daughter, but she could not find any. There were none anywhere! She looked for hours and eight different stores. The day is turning to dusk, and the light was nearly gone when Mother made it home from the store. Tiredly she got out of the car after being utterly disappointed! She felt terrible because she wouldn't give her daughter the only request she had made in weeks. Then the Mother looked up and did a double-take as she saw a tree in the distance. The tree was shining in the evening light when all else around it was dark.
"It's as if it were a sign from the heavens above!" thought Mother.
The Mother left her groceries in the car and walked up the hill where the tree was standing, alone in the red hue of the evening light. It stood out like a sore thumb, but this sore thumb did not hurt. It was an incredible sight! This tree was a pear tree with the biggest, the most beautiful pears on it!

"I was beginning to believe this was the unluckiest day ever until I came home and found this tree!" Mom thought to herself.
Mom did not waste any time as she needed to start dinner soon, so she started picking the pears. Using her shirt to hold them when her arms couldn't have anymore, she gathered up enough to give to her daughter and make to make a pie.
Mother walking like she was drunk, trying not to lose any of the pears, she walked home, took the pears into the kitchen, and put them in the sink. Just as she was placing the last pears into the sink, Dad came walking into the kitchen.
"Hello, darling! I see you found the pears! Magie won't be eating them anytime soon. She fell asleep a few minutes ago. What took you so long?" asked Dad.
"I had a horrible time finding pears. I went to eight different stores and only found them when I made it home."
"Where did you find them here?"
"The pear tree over in the field." Just then, Mother pointed out the window towards the field. Dad opened up the front door to look for the tree.
"Funny! I don't remember a tree being in the field!" Dad opened up the door and saw the pear tree in the field.
"Wow, that is a beautiful tree! I don't remember seeing that tree yesterday." Mom was not listening to him because she was cleaning the pears and had started dinner. Dad shrugged his shoulders and walked into the other room, sat down, and started reading the newspaper. It seemed as no time passed by, but nearly an hour passed since Dad started reading the paper. Mom walks into the living room.
"Will you go upstairs and bring Magie down for dinner?"
"Sure will," Exclaimed Dad.

Dad went upstairs to find Magie reading a book she borrowed from a friend from school.
"Hello, Dad! Is dinner ready? I am starved!" Magie stated.
"Yes, it is Magie; I came up to see if you were ready to go downstairs."
"I am glad Dad, I get tired of eating in my room all the time.
Dad picked up Magie and walked down the stairs with her in his arms, sat her down at her place at the dining table. Then Dad and Mom sat in their places at the dining table. Dad said grace, and everyone started to eat.
"Mom, these pears are delicious. Thank you for getting them for me!" said Magie.
"Your welcome!" said Mother with a big smile on her face.
"Mother, I just realized something!" said Dad.
"Pears are not in season just now! They are not usually ready until the middle of August to early September!"
Mother and Dad looked at each other with a puzzled look on their faces and then turned white as a sheet. It was early July, and pears were not ready for picking yet.
"That is why I could not find any pears at the store today!" said Mother.
Then they both thought a minute and looked up from their plates, and their eyes widened as if something was desperately wrong! Then they both got up from the table, walked over to the window as fast as they could, bumping into each other on the way. They looked out the window with astonishment. The pear tree had disappeared! Mom and Dad look at each other, and their white faces turn green.
"We ate all the pears from that tree, and I have more in the fridge!" said Mother.
Dad opened up the fridge, and sure enough, there were pears in there.
"Should I throw them away?" said Mother.
"No, if they were going to kill us, we would be dead now."
Then Magie gets up out of her chair and walks over toward the both of them, and says.
"It is an answer to a prayer I made the other night."
"What do you mean, Magie?" said Mother.
"I prayed that all of us would be healed, but not only our family but our neighbors too!"
"That was a generous prayer, Magie; I don't know if I would have thought of it," said Dad.
"The answer to my prayer came in a dream. I dreamt if I ate a pear of a unique tree, I would be healed, and so would everyone who ate from it. You ate the pears from the special tree that appeared out in the field, right?" said Magie.
"Yes, we all did!" said Dad.
"Well, we are all healed!"
Magie, who had not walked for months, walked out the front door and into the field where the pear tree was located. Mother and Dad followed.
"This is where it was, right, Mother?"
"Yes, that is right?" said Mother.
"This is where the tree was in my dream. Everyone has been picking from this tree all day. I thought it might be empty before you came back to pick some for dinner tonight. It is a magical healing tree! Look, I can now walk where I could not before eating dinner, and if anyone else had any problems before eating the pears, then they are healed too!" Magie said.
Mother and Dad were happy with their daughter's newfound health. Magie was taken to the Doctor for tests the following day, and when the results came back, the doctors scratched their heads in pure astonishment!
"Doctor, what is wrong?" said Mother.
"Nothing, everything is great! I don't understand! Every one of my patients has been given a clean bill of health today, and most of them were terminally ill patients! Including your daughter!" exclaimed The Doctor.
"Big Miracle come in small packages! That is all I am going to say, Doctor," said Mother.
"Bring her back in six months to make sure it is truly gone, and hopefully, it won't come back," said The Doctor.
"Cancer is not something I want to see anyone else go through!" said Dad.
As they drive off from the Doctor's appointment, the entire family feels exceptionally blessed to have a daughter who will be with them for a long time to come. Maybe grow up and have a family of her own!
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