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An Alien plant devours a wife and grows a clone.
It was a regular night for Andre and Dana out watching the stars like they do on clear nights. While mindlessly watching they noticed a shooting star. They watched as it passed right overhead and landed in the clearing behind them. “Wow that was close,” said Dana. “Yeah, it was” Andre responded, “let’s go check it out. “They carefully walked into the clearing and saw the small crater and the low glow from inside. They both walked up and saw a small rock with vines coming out of it. “Weird” thought Andre, “maybe it is some kind of alien vegetation.” “Let’s take it home and see if anything grows, we could make national news.” Said Andre excitedly. Before Dana could even object Andre had it in his hands and was walking towards their car. When they got home, he put the rock in some soil and gave it water. For the first few days nothing happened. Put one day Andre went to check on it and it had grown exponentially to the size of a big barrel. “How the hell” he began to say when a vine reached out and stung him. Andre exclaimed, but suddenly heard a voice in his head. “Do not be frightened I have come to your planet to gain knowledge” “hmm yes very interesting” said the plant in his head. “You call yourself Andre and are a human male. The other in this house is Dana, also a human, but called female. She is also called wife to you Andre, but she hasn’t been satisfying a human need lately.” How the hell did you learn all that?” asked Andre. “Simple that sting was a probe that tabbed right to you brain, which is why you can hear me, but also grants me access to your mind.” “Hmmm yes I have decided how to gain great knowledge here, you should bring the wife before me Andre” “Uhhh ok. Hey Dana come here and look at the plant its huge now.” Dana came down and exclaimed at how big the plant had grown. Andre heard the voice in his head whisper sorry. Before he could even process what he heard he saw the plant wrap several vines around Dana and pull her towards a mouth on the plant he hadn’t seen earlier. Within mere seconds Dana was pulled inside the plant and at that moment the plant began to secrete a gas that rendered Dana unconscious and an acid that quickly filled the chamber of the plant. From outside Andre heard muffled screams and saw the plant shaking violently then was still. From inside the Acid quickly went to work dissolving her clothes and hair, then it went on to dissolve her skin, muscle, and bones. When it got down to the organs the acid drained out the back. Andre jumped back as a nasty smelling red goo came out the back of the plant. Small vines began to probe the organs and figure them out. The brain was lifted high in the plant and wrapped in a web of vines. “Hmm yes all her memories and who she was.” Mused the plant. From outside Andre still in shock from everything that just happened saw a bud on the side of the plant that filled with liquid and grew larger and larger. From inside the plant, it pushed all the remaining organs into that sack except for the brain which it kept. And quickly “grew another Dana as the plant had all of the components to grow a human body. After a couple hours the sack burst open spilling out a perfect copy of Dana. Andre rushed to her and said, “Dana I am so glad you are alright.” “I am not Dana human.” she said in an odd way. “I am the plant; I have reduced her to her basic form and reconstructed her for my means.” “uhh I don’t understand” said Andre. Dana tilted her head to the side and looked as though she was looking for something. Finally, she spoke again but in a more normal tone. “I have dissolved her body and her brain is now inside me. I have replicated her to understand life on this planet as a human.” “Oh my god you killed my wife.” “Yes and no she said, her body as hers is gone forever, but her mind lives on in me so I may access her memories and skills.” “Once my experiments are finished, I might be able to put her brain back in another body.” She looks different.” Said Andre. “Yes, based on your memories and the test I have planned I have regrown her 10 years younger when you first met.” “What tests have you planned?” said Andre. Just then she lunged forward and kissed Andre. At first, he resisted but the plant emitted a pheromone and he stopped fighting and kissed her back. After this time the plant began to mimic her perfectly and the pheromones clouded Andre’s mind. “Wow babe it’s been so long.” “How come I am the only one naked?” she said giggling. As she took his shirt off, then accessing the brain she dropped to her knees and took off his pant. His dick was in her face and the plant felt the lust and kissed it gingerly. Hearing Andre moaning and knowing what she should do now wrapped her lips around is cock and began sucking it eagerly. As the pheromones faded and Andes mind cleared, he looked at what looked, felt, and acted like his wife doing things she hadn’t done in almost a year; maybe this wasn’t so bad, and she was 10 years younger to boot. He decided to get more into it and reached down and pulled her hair. She pulled away and said “wow was that pain from you pulling my hair? I like it do it more” as she licked his shaft and started sucking again moaning when Andre pulled her hair more. She stood up and looked Andre in the eyes. Her eyes were green now he noticed. “I need you in me right now.” She bent over the couch exposing her pussy. Andre got up behind her and slid it in as she moaned “YESSS” and he began sliding it in and out rhythmically. Suddenly he was pounding her hard listening to her moan and his pelvis slapping against her ass. Dana screamed in ecstasy as her first orgasm rocked her body. Wanting more she began meeting his thrusts driving his cock deeper. She then had another orgasm, and he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. This sent him over the edge as he cam inside this clone of his wife. He slowly pulled out and stood up straight and looked down to see his cum leaking out of her pussy. She rose and stuck her fingers in her pussy and pulled out some of the cum and licked it up. She then looked up at Andre and said, “that was amazing, I can’t wait to do that again tonight.” She waked away sashaying up the stairs thinking “science be damned I am keeping this human female as my own, I don’t think the other human minds.” As she looked back at Andre winking. “Come on lover I need help cleaning myself.” As Andre said, “yes dear I am right behind you.” And ran upstairs pinching her butt listening to her giggle.
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